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What is car detailing? Much more than a plain cleaning or polishing!

Obsessive attention to detail and great professionalism are the ingredients that allow to remove even the smallest imperfections from the car’s body. Did you buy a nice used car, maybe a top range model or a GT vintage car but its body is a bit neglected? Or, more simply, isn’t it the right time to replace your car that is outdated?

Revolution Team has the answer for you.

Until some time ago, most people would assume it was a simple polishing, nowadays, the most appropriate response is what experts refer to as “car detailing".


Car detailing is a thorough process that focuses on restoring your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Car detailers will meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. Every detail of your vehicle is considered, any imperfection, any defect even the smallest unnoticeable one.
What services does auto detailing include?

  • • Lime, acid stain and organic dirt removal (midges, excrements, resins)
    signs of oxidation or sanding marks from car’s bodywork
  • • Scratches removal, even the imperceptible ones ("swirl" or circular scratches, "rids or rectilinear deeper scratches, holograms that is extra-fine scratches that dull the bodywork)
  • • Decontamination and glass protection
  • • Plastic care and restoration
  • • Cleaning treatments and wheel and engine compartment protection

What distinguishes Revolution Team is our obsessive attention to details, to the borders of art.

Not only for an aesthetic purpose, the ultimate goal is the restoration and maintenance of the car. For this reason, it is not necessary that you own a luxury car.
Car detailing is a 360' service that we offer on any car in order to keep their best extending their life.


Nanotech Car Body Treatment gives a new life to the bodywork and must be applied after a few important preparation stages that will make the result more effective and durable:

  • Car Washing
  • Decontamination
  • Multiple polishing stages to get rid of any bodywork imperfection

Painted surfaces as well as plastic, glass, rubber and metal parts can be protected with nanotechnology.

We offer several product lines that mostly differ in duration, type of protection and cost.

For those who want a “softer” protection, but shorter in duration, there are sealing treatments which ensure a 6-12 months of protection to the car paint.

Thanks to the nanotech car body treatment, you can take care of your car without using harsh chemicals that would alter its structure and it is thanks to the coating that we create a self-cleaning barrier that repels dirt, water, oil keeping the coating clean and dirt-free.

How much does a car detailing treatment cost? How to remove limestone stains from the bodywork? How much does a nanotech car treatment cost? How much does a car polishing cost?


If these are some of your questions we have an answer! We will make a special quote for your car and your needs!

Contact us, we will be glad to clarify all your doubts and give a new life to your car.


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