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The development of the hybrid and electric cars could not go unnoticed, both as regards the technical, administrative and organizational issues.

Currently in Italy there is no specific legislation for hybrid and electric car repair, there are many different ones that have been developed in plant engineering, involving electrical risk. We know the importance of a deep understanding of the subject: it is a known fact that batteries used by hybrid and electric cars produce a voltage of several hundred volts, significantly higher than the voltage battery of conventional cars.

Thanks to our PES/PAV qualification, we are able to operate safely on hybrid and electric cars, without affecting in any way vehicle warranty and its characteristics.

Hybrid Car Maintenance in Udine and its Province

We need to debunk a legend. Hybrid cars even though they are powered by two engines, a gasoline engine and an electric engine, one more compared to conventional cars (the electric one), the maintenance time required is the same. In general, hybrid cars' regular maintenance is cheaper than conventional cars’ maintenance, despite having higher upfront costs.

3 things to consider before taking your hybrid car to an auto body shop:

  • • servicing: it is important to check it regularly, more than conventional cars; the servicing cost is similar.
  • • inspection: there is no difference between hybrid cars and conventional cars. There is a control of exhaust gas emissions and noise pollution.
  • • batteries: despite battery replacement being quite expensive, they have a longer lifetime, so battery amortization cost is pretty small.

Is electric car maintenance more convenient than a traditional petrol car? According to the comparison conducted by Autoscout24, confirmed that electric cars are cheaper to maintain.

Depending on the model, you can save up to 75% in routine maintenance in the first 6 years. In general, you can save up to 42% anyway. When and what maintenance do electric vehicles need?

Definitely the first thing to consider is car service, how often it depends on the kilometers made and time limit.

Electric cars' regular maintenance procedures cost less than the conventional cars’ ones. Compared to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts, they are more reliable and less subject to wear and tear.

Would you like to receive further information on electric and hybrid car assistance and repair? Obviously without forgetting their maintenance. Contact us to receive a customized consultancy built on your needs and usage habits.


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